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Colin F. Watson author, speaker,  and International HCG diet coach, was not always in the health and fitness coaching arena. A retired Mortgage broker of more than 25 years, Colin stumbled upon the HCG diet after gaining more than fifty pounds of fat over a four years period. The stress of the real estate market crash, and his rapid weight gain caused a bout with depression, sleep apnea disorder, the onset of type II diabetes,and exasperated his hypertension.

Desperate to lose the weight and regain his health, Colin decided to try one more diet… The HCG diet. Within 39 days, he lost 44 pounds, normalized his blood sugar and blood pressure, and the sleep apnea vanished.

Astonished by the results from the HCG diet, Colin began sharing his success with the diet on YouTube and in his blogs.

Realizing that returning to his high school football weight was now a real possibility Colin and His wife Jayne decided to experiment with the HCG diet by adding recipes and exercise utilizing high intensity interval training workouts. His wife Jayne a retired AFFA certifies personal trainer and group exercise instructor helped Colin put together a series of exercises that chiseled and sculpted his body to something that he had not seen in more than twenty years.

This was the creation of HCG Body for LIFE… To date, Colin has authored a book about this new revised HCG diet protocol, and has personally coached over 4800 people to reach HCG diet success; and more than 25,000 people though his books, radio show, podcast, and speaking engagements.

“With more than 97% success rate, there is no other diet protocol on the planet that can remove a pound a day of abnormal unwanted body fat, and reshape your body to return it to your youthful physique of your twenties” Says Colin F. Watson

Anyone looking for renewed health, vitality, and to gain the body of their lives, needs to seriously consider HCG Body for Life…. The new revised advanced HCG diet protocol.



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