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These instructions are for the mixing and dosing of each 15-Day HCG Diet period using the Sublingual (Oral) method.

You will need one vial of 5000 International Units of HCG for each 15-day period. The HCG Brands that we recommend come packaged in a vial with a rubber tops or ampules for your HCG mixture.

In order to eliminate any confusion for mixing and dosing, please keep in mind that 1-milliliter equals one cc and one cc equals one milliliter.

Follow these steps:

You will need a mixing syringe, 5000 IUs of HCG, and the B12 vitamin and colloidal silver mixture.

Sub-lingual HCG Mixing Instructions:

  1. Remove you HCG vial from your package and prepare for mixing by gathering together all the item you’ll need to complete this process.
  2. Take the cap off of the HCG.
  3. Open the amber bottle containing the B12 vitamin and Colloidal Sliver.
  4. Open a 10ml-mixing syringe. Make sure the needle is tightly fastened to the syringe, and take the cap off.
  5. Pull 2 milliliters of the liquid colloidal silver solution into the mixing syringe.
  6. Add the 2 milliliters of liquid colloidal silver solution to the HCG. The HCG is freeze dried. As soon as the liquid hits the powder, it will automatically liquefy the powder.
  7. Now put the cap back on the needle.
  8. Roll (do not shake) the HCG mixture for a few seconds to make sure that the HCG powder is fully liquefied.
  9. Take the cap off of the needle. Pull the plunger back to the 2-milliliter mark; insert the needle back into the HCG vial. Slowly push the 2 milliliters of air into the HCG vial. Now extract all of the HCG mixture back into the syringe and add it to the amber bottle.
  10. Put the cap back on the needle. Twist the needle off of the syringe.
  11. Add 13 ml of liquid b12 to the amber bottle to complete your mixture
  12. Put the cap on your HCG mixture.

This mixture will last you for 15 days. After 15 days you will mix another HCG mixture. Make sure that you refrigerate your HCG mixture to maintain its potency.

Sub-lingual HCG Mixing


Dosing of your HCG mixture will occur once in the morning and once before bedtime.

Take your HCG mixture out of the refrigerator.

Roll the sub-lingual hcg mixing mixture slowly between your hands for 15 seconds to refresh the mixture.

Remove the dosing dropper from the plastic bag. Now remove the cap and pull out the HCG mixture to the first line of the dosing dropper included in your HCG Mixing Kit (.50 milliliter). Put the cap back on and place your HCG mixture back into the refrigerator.

Place the dropper (which now contains the HCG mixture) underneath your tongue and empty the .50-milliliter mixture under your tongue. Hold it there for 5 minutes before swallowing.  Clean the dropper with tap water and place it back into its plastic bag.

This completes your sub-lingual hcg mixing instructions.

sub-lingual HCG mixing

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