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HCG Diet Testimonials


Hello Colin and Jayne,

My HCG Body for Life experience has been a tumultuous one. At first I was all hyped and was losing the weight but then got discourage as I found Myself Allowing old habits to creep in. However getting the emails regularly, from Colin, his videos, and encouraging words got me back on track, and I got SERIOUS about losing weight. So now I am 30 pounds down, and counting and I am so glad I found this program.
It has not just helped me lose but, helped me change my life. I have learned better eating habits, learned to be more commited to my own health, and can now share this with others. Remember HCG Body for Life is just that your body, for life, and YOU are responsible for making this experience successful, Colin is simply there to educate, and guide, but you gotta make that commitment. You can do it! If you want to be healthier, and happier, this is the program.
Bu Noc Jayne & Colin,


Wow, where to I begin…..Let me first start off by telling everyone how wonderful you two are. Not only do you guys provide a great website for the Best and only HCG products needed to accomplish our weight loss goals, but you both are always so willing to help us and encourage us when we need it (I am taking the liberty of speaking for others too, lol) I myself appreciate the fact that when I have questions you guys always respond with helpful answers.. Having stated that,my weight loss goals have been great. I started on this journey the end of May 2011 and have completed 1 round of the HCG and am on my second round. So far I have lost 50 lbs and am more then halfway to reaching my goal of a total of 85 lbs and have gone from a size 16 to a 12 in such a short period of time.. This HCG has been the BEST weight loss product/program I have ever tried and I have tried Everything.. I highly recommend this to everyone. I have introduce this to my sister who has lost 15 lbs (she started it 2 wks ago),dad who lost 45lbs in 45 days,my niece who has lost 38lbs in the last 40 days and a friend from work who lost 20lbs the first 15 days. They have all been very successful with their weight loss goal while being on the HCG.. Today I received my HCG shakes that you are promoting. I am stoked about starting the shakes.. I will keep you updated on this part of the program as well. I will be starting the shakes tomorrow.


Thank you both and have a blessed evening

I went through a clinic for the HCG so they did BMI and body fat readings each time… I am assuming these numbers are correct. When I was 136 lbs prior to HCG, I had a BMI of 24.5 and my body fat percentage was 26%. On my last weigh in, I was 119 lbs, BMI of 19, and body fat was 20%… I have no idea what those numbers are now, but I weighed 133 lbs just now when I weighed- haven’t worked out yet today and I’ve had breakfast.


I will check out your open schedule. Looking forward to talking to you, and NOT going through a very expensive clinic the next time I do the HCG.





I live in Oklahoma City, Okla. My age is 64. I am determined to loose this weight and keep it off for the rest of my life.

I would like to you to know just how much I appreciate all the information I have received from your videos and radio blogs. Knowing that someone cares as much about others is very warming to me. I have been over-weight off and on all my life. As I have gotten older my weight had crept up even more that I had thought. I really didn’t realize that until I had my pictures taken just how I looked. I knew I was uncomfortable but I thought that was just the arthritis I suffered with.

I started on the wrong foot by purchasing homeopathic HCG. I literally became sick and weak but I wouldn’t give it up. I only lost 16 lbs in 40 days and finally I stopped and went on P3. I am 5’0″ and weighed 191 after my initial two days. I was determined though. I paid $87.00 for a bottle of HCG and I was determined to make it work for me. Of course, I didn’t know you could order pure RX HCG from a web site.

This is where you came in Colin. I went to your web site and I found out more than I found out after searching the internet for a month. You are a God’s sent to me. I listened to just one video and I could tell how much you cared about others with weight problems and you wanted to help by answering questions per email, etc.

I have just now started taking real HCG R2P2D3 and I know this going to work better for me already. One thing about it, I am determined. Thank you. Keep up the hard work and you are appreciated.

Hi Colin – que pasa? You and Jayne rock! I first came across your video on Youtube when I did a search for hcg. I truly believe after many hours of research on the web that you offer “the best bang for the buck”. I am doing round 2 and am almost at the end of P3 of the 40 injections. I started out at 215 on Oct. 13th and am down to 189. I hope to be down to 180 by the time I’m done. I love this diet and I love your prices. I intend on doing Round 3 sometime in the Spring and this time will be ordering the drops from your fabulous website which I truly trust and feel most comfortable with. You can’t beat your prices and all the support and encouragement you and Jayne give your customers is really a blessing, especially in these times with all the scammers out there. So “muchas gracias” for being there when I needed you. Looking forward to my next round with you!!!!


After seeing my best friend go from 300 pounds down to 215, it was a no brainer so I decided to do the 43 day HCG Protocol, I worked out and done other programs in the past but HCG was the only thing that got me the fastest and the best results that the other things didn’t. I’m 5’6 and was tipping the scale at 200 lbs, being short and fat really sucks now I am down around 167 lbs. It’s a great feeling when people who haven’t seen me in a while and they say “wow you lost some weight and look good” Now I’m really to it to the next level, you have a great program and hanks for the great info.


Charleston, SC



My name is GJ Williams. I am 41 years old and just started the HCG protocol program described by Colin on his website. I am on day 7 and have lost 11lbs. It is truly amazing and the weight loss does seem to fly off. However, I would caution folks to watch the cheat meter. I at 3 oz worth of hot dog 2 days ago and didn’t drink hardly any water yesterday and actually gained a 1.5 lbs. since yesterday. So my weight loss total would probably be even better had I not stumbled a coupled days and had a couple diet sodas and fatty meat. All in all it’s been awesome. I’ve had very little hunger pains and for the most part have enjoyed the program. It seems like my 3rd day and 8th day were tough. It could have been because I didn’t hydrate properly or something. I am convinced that if you just do the program correctly and don’t try and out think the program you will have amazing results. Don’t try and think well this is kinda like “Atkins” so I’ll just eat any kind of meat or so forth. Just do the protocol correctly and get great results. I’m down from 267 to 256 in a little over 7 days. Not too bad!!! I’m looking forward to week number 2 and reaching my 15lb goal by day 14. Thank you Colin for your motivational phone calls and help. You are truly a “giver” and there are very few people in this world who like to bless rather than just receive. I am going to tell more folks in my church and family about this program. I was one step away from possibly considering “band” surgery like my older brother, too. So many folks in my family are obese and over weight. Heck, most of the folks in Louisiana are over weight. It’s what we do in Louisiana we eat. I’m going to stick with this program and go for my goal of 40 days on the HCG program. God bless and keep the faith and the fight up against obesity. Thank you for being a positive force in this epidemic in our nation. Shalom.

GJ Williams

Hello Colin,

as you have helped me I pleased to help you with my testimonial. I was struggling at a weight of 235lbs after suffering a double hernia. I was anxious for quicker than traditional results with traditional methods. I talked with a fellow at work who had lost a lot of weight in a short time recently and asked him for his story which happened to include the use of HCG. I was unfamiliar with HCG and started to do my homework online including the reading of DR. Simeons protocol. My research led me to many sights however the one out the many that caught my eye and peaked my interest was none other than Colin Watsons. Colin’s enthusiasm, similar age, results and easy access were among the many reasons I made Colins sight my HCG home. I now call it my one stop shop for everything HCG. Why go anywhere else? Wether it is listening to his radio show or reading one of his e-books purchased on line or buying the necessary supplies needed for the protocol his sight has all the tools needed for success. You can waste your time and look elsewhere but no where will you find everything you need in just one place. And oh yeah did I mention with his help I lost 48 pounds in just 53 days, need I say anything else.
Simon J – Vancouver, BC

I started out on March 22, 2011 with the Diluted HCG you get at the health food store. On April 15th I had only lost 10 lbs. Not complaining, 10 lbs is pretty good, but on April 18th, the day I started the injection of the Pure HCG I ordered from your website I have lost 8 more lbs..

That 8lbs was shed in the course of 10 days as appose to the 27 days it took me to loose the first 10 lbs with the diluted HCG.. BIG difference from that and the pure….I am sooooo Stoked!!! My plan is to loose a total of 60 lbs (give or take about 5 lbs)… I will update you both when I get closer to my goal…

Thank you Both so very much…Your site is extremely helpful and the two of you have been sooo gracious in responding to my emails and other peoples as well..You guys are personable and that is Huge..It makes a bigdifference and I like that about y’all
Blessings to you and your family

My wife and I did the program with the HHCG and both lost about 12% of our total weight in the 23 days. We followed much or your advice with the added protein and worked out the entire time. We are now 1 week into P3, both getting ripped, body fat super low, energy levels through the roof.

We should have been on your program so that you could get the recognition, however, we were both on homeopathic. Hopefully your future source for homeopathic will get you on that band wagon too.

We totally agree that this is and should be the next and final solution for all fat loss. I am a active runner and triathlete, and my wife runs marathons. I went from 178 pounds to 157, my wife went from 149 to 132. I have not had my body fat tested, but can tell by looking in the mirror that it is extremely low.

You are right on track with the exercise and added protein in this protocol. No-one else is doing this and that is wrong. I watch the vlogs and see people using the HCG as their only source for weight loss and health and continually wonder why they do not add exercise. We don’t plan on ever using this again. We have our health and the bodies we desire, love to workout and be healthy.

Keep it up, your are doing it right and for the right reasons!


Seriously, you guys rock so hard. I ordered this Thursday? Got it today, I am more than thrilled. The HCG I ordered from another site is STILL NOT HERE, I ordered it a week ago. Return to sender once it gets here, I have found my supplier.
Thank you so much!

Colin one thing thank you for having a trusted website, and networking with and escrow company. It really assures your athletes they can have trust. This has been an amazing experience so far.

I will be sending you pictures thru three cycles. My results are amazing and can’t wait to share them, I never thought I would be able to see my obliques,abstract, and the almighty stomach rope. Women love the rope, best wishes.

Best Regards,
Matthew Wheat

Yes, I am writing my messages carefully so that you could use them if you wanted to. Glad I could help.
In the 13 years that I have been retired I gained 100 pounds. I have tried many, many diet strategies. I have shelves of diet books and a basement full of exercise equipment (which I have started to use again). In my (distant) past I have done body building and even taught low-impact aerobics.
What I really like about your version of the HCG program is that you have taken the best part of the diet plans I respect and incorporated them in a way that you can still use HCG to release the extra fat without compromising optimal nutrition.
I got some Sketchers Shape-ups shoes last week and they are really helping to tighten up my legs during my daily walks. I have plantar fasciitis and that seems to have improved as a result. I recommend them.

I also recommend the Miracle Noodles. I have been using them for five days and I am still losing at the same rate. “Angel hair” has 0 calories, the other flavors have more calories, so you have to pay attention when you order. I know you have said individual results may vary. I hope I can continue to use them without a problem. I stir “fry” them with 1 tsp. coconut oil, onion, tomato, celery, garlic, Bragg aminos and some spices.

Thanks for using a business model where you can provide information and support to your followers at no charge and make a profit using supplemental methods. I REALLY appreciate that. You are a true Internet entrepreneur!

Melody W.


I am on my last day of three off the meds. i lost 39 pounds . my goal was 40 . i cheated one time and it cost me 5 pounds .i will not do that again . for everyone out there this stuff works. thank you colin i will call you later to ask about phase three.
thank you Tony Roma

Hello Colin,

HCG Diet Testimonials

I hope that these HCG Diet Testimonials will be an eye opener for a lot of people. I started thinking of how I would loose 50 lbs by my 30th birthday. I said to myself “you have been over weight for the majority of your 20′s, this is enough.” My neighbor told me about the Hcg diet several months before and I thought “I’m Defiantly not doing that.” Well after seeing her several months later 30 lbs lighter, well the rest is history. Like many others HCG Diet Testimonials I thought “you can’t loose that much weight in so few days, I don’t want to take anything that comes from India, that can’t be healthy, what’s the catch.”

Well I started this protocol on February 1st and I was 190 lbs after my two load days (186 before) I stopped on March 5th and I was 170. I decided to take a break because I felt myself getting weaker and weaker; I’m speaking in terms of the cravings. I am starting the protocol again tomorrow and I am still at 170, I have maintained my weight. I will go 23 days this time and take a break for my son’s birthday. I’m also excited because my husband is joining me this time! After my week break for my son’s birthday I will go another 23 days and then off to maintenance and toning.

I started the first round with my sister in-law so we had each other to lean on. But Colin’s post helped me more than anything. To have the support of someone who knows exactly where you are and what you are going through is great. I learned so much by reading his post as well as gained some much needed encouragement. I suggest anyone who is starting this diet to read his post as well as watch his you tube video’s. I have to say as I was on the fence about starting the protocol his you tube video really hit home for me.

I urge anyone who has tried everything (as I have in the past) to try this protocol…YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. It’s the most inexpensive diet that I have tried, as well as the most effective. THIS IS NOT A FAD….

Yours Truly,

Kim H

Hello Collin:
My children loved the Youtube. They were smiling from ear to ear when you mentioned my name.
I am 264.8 today. Yes! Yes! Yes! I am feeling great. I got more energy and feel lighter on my feet. The children have notice a big positive difference in their mother the last couple days especially.
I go to college and MID-TERMS are these week and next week, but I have been doing great due to the prepared foods we set up.
Tried the California Kicker. I really liked it. Added cinnamon because I like its smell.
Pray over the weekend I can setup a VLOG on Youtube to document my success, challenges, and concerns.
Have a great week.
Appreciate everything,

More HCG Diet Testimonials

The HCG diet was the best diet i have ever tried. at 18 years old i lost 21 pounds in 21 days! what i loved most about the diet was that the weight came off of everywhere. my face, arms, legs, and tummy. and when i completed it after 42 full days my body didn’t even want sugar, or junk food. If you want to lose the weight bad enough, this is so worth it! However, you have to want to lose the weight! and be ready for the challenge! the results are amazing!

Vanessa W.

HCG Diet Testimonials

I am about to finish my first round of hcg which I started Feb 17 and will stop taking on March 26, finish my last 3 days and start on the next phase of the diet on March 30. So far I have stayed right with the protocol and have lost 19.4 lbs and hoping to loose at total of 25 lbs when I end this round. Thank you for all of your HCG Diet Testimonials

I am taking the hcg sublingually. It has been a challenge for me as I have dealt with low blood sugar problems almost the entire time. I have really had to manage of my protein consumption so that I do not have severe drops in blood sugar. More HCG Diet Testimonials

That being said; I believe it is more important than ever to loose the weight at this point in my life. I am a 47 yr. female with a family history of diabetes, and for my health I have chosen to make this a priority in my life even though it has not always been easy. More HCG Diet Testimonials

For the last 1.5 years I have put on weight that I simply could not loose no matter what I tried. Then I found out about hcg from a friend who gets hers through a clinic which I could not afford. That started my search on the web. I researched for 2 months and after discussing with my own doctor decided this was right for me and I am very pleased with my decision. I believe it has change my life in more ways than I will ever really know. More HCG Diet Testimonials

I plan to try the injections on my next round and hope to loose another 25 lbs. At that point I will discuss with my doctor if I should continue to loose or maintain. I will be at 132 lbs which based on my height and age is right where I should be. HCG Diet Testimonials

For anyone questioning if this would work for them, I would say YES!!! and get connected with web sites like Colin’s. It has helped me in many ways. There were days that were tough for me and so I read something almost every day that was encouraging and helped me get through. It has been a critical part of my weight loss and I am very grateful for this resource.

Thanks from,

One happy girl

HCG Diet Testimonials

Hey Colin- I follow your blog and watched your youtube videos. Thanks so much for having all that out there, but can I ask you a question. I am hoping I didn’t sabotage myself tonight on protocol, I am on day 20 of P2 and I broke down and had a shot of tequila. Do you think it will make me stall, I am down 15 lbs and I am doing 40 days and really was shooting for 30.

Just thought you might know from experience or from other’s experience.



HCG Diet Testimonials

Hey Colin

I’m still on P2 and half way though, I have been stalling for about 5 days now. I really thinks its because i haven’t drank as much water as i’m suppose to, or its just my body trying to catch up with itself. I’m on Day 19 and have lost a total of 15.6 pounds. My weight hasn’t changed in the last 5 days. I did a apple day but it only brought me down one pound! Which i gain right back the next day! I know it was just extra access water! But i will be writing u from time to time and letting you know how i’m doing! I’m just hoping i get over this stall pretty soon! I heard some people have stalled for more than ten days! I don’t want to be that person! But i have took before pictures and once i finish i will take the after pictures and i will send them to you!

God Bless,


Hello Colin,

HCG Diet Testimonials

How odd that I get this request and just today I was looking back thru your blogs.

Guess it must be a lil bit of spring fever…but I am very ready to begin this transformation of my body.

You have been so kind before to message me via facebook questions that I had.

I will be more than happy to write a testimonial for you about inspiring me.

Please also share with me how much it is to get started with this.

I would like to get started right away. Thank you Colin!

I think you’re amazing!!


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