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Why HCG Body for Life Plan

The HCG Body for Life Plan

So what make HCG Body for Life plan the best option for permanent fat loss?

HCG Body for take the best of Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches protocol and Kevin Trudeau’s Weight Loss Cure and added in three major missing factors in both.

1. Increased Protein: after coaching more than two thousand people through this protocol, one thing kept surfacing as a recurring problem. Weight stall, occasional hunger and fatigue. We determined through making core tweaks to the original protocol that dieters that eat the correct and precise amount of protein eliminated premature weight stalls, were able to be more active and experienced an increase in fat loss by more than 10%.

2. Exercise: In Kevin Trudeau plan, he eludes to the fact that exercising while on the HCG diet protocol can hinder weight loss. However, in Dr. Simeons protocol he states the following…

“Finally, the weight can temporarily increase – paradoxical though this may sound – after an exceptional physical exertion of long duration leading to a feeling of exhaustion. A game of tennis, a vigorous swim, a run, a ride on horseback or a round of golf do not have this effect; but a long trek, a day of skiing, rowing or cycling or dancing into the small hours usually

1. Result in a gain of weight on the following day, unless the patient is in perfect training.
2. In patients coming from abroad, where they always use their cars, we often see this effect after a strenuous day of shopping on foot, sightseeing and visits to galleries and museums. Though the extra muscular effort involved does consume some additional calories, this appears to be offset by the retention of water which the tired circulation cannot at once eliminate.”

Somehow this is been misinterpreted and spread all over the web, that if you exercise while on the HCG diet protocol, you will either not lose weight or possibly gain weight. With HCG Body for Life we have proven that exercise in not only beneficial; it is one of the main components necessary to achieve long term permanent weight loss.

By implementing a series of HIIT high intensity interval training exercises, we have been able to increase lean muscle mass in men and woman, in addition to increase fat loss, increase loss in inches as well as pounds.

3. From VLCD to LCD: Which enable the dieter to find a higher level of success form the very first phase: Another way HCG Body for Life plan differs from both of its predecessors plans is by increasing the daily caloric intake for 500 to a minimum of 550 up to 750. By cycling the daily caloric intake of 550 to 750 and by implementing cardio exercise and strength training, this prevents the body from settling in and becoming conditioned to the LCD.

The strategic calorie cycling and precise protein intake specific days and times help the body to cut fat, increase strength, and turbocharge the metabolism. These modifications also help the dieter to maintain a longer duration in phase to beyond the 43 days or 35 pounds originally suggested by Simeons and Trudeau… By being able to implement phase 2 for 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 weeks and beyond, those needing to lose large amounts of weight can experience dramatic losses in their very first phase while they are highly motivated, instead of having to stop and start multiple phases in order to reach their goal.

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