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The Mobility Power Wheelchair Option

If you haven’t thought about a mobility power chair then you should do so in advance of committing to costly adaptions to your home.

Planning for the future is vitally important if you happen to have a disability or an illness like Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neurone Disease. In these cases your plans should ideally include both your finances and your mobility and comfort, in particular in your home.

The most significant factor to your welfare is your home which may have been acquired before the on-set of any incapacity or sicknesses and therefore isn't adapted to suit. What are your options? Move out of the house you like and have worked hard for or adapt your house? But having a look at a specialist mobility power chair may aid in avoiding spending a fortune on modification.

Home adaptation involves interruption and cost, dependent on your requirements. First floor access is important, after all , why only live in half your house? Your decisions are either a stair-lift or through-floor lift to the 1st floor. Your kitchen and lavatory will need changing too. Nonetheless lower cupboards may suit you but will not suit other members of the family easily. All of these additional costs add up.

In addition, if you make a decision to move, selling your modified home is tricky. Your market is restricted. You could have to take a reduction on the price or return the house to it’s pre-adapted state. Either way, you lose out financially.

The mobility power chair option will involve a lot less disruption and cost. Flexmobil Forma by Eurovema is a mobility power wheelchair for indoor use. This sort of mobility chair is solid, straightforward to drive and ergonomic. This chair can revolve around its own centre, hence a tight turning circle. The rising seat will allow access to your whole home including the units that are higher up, without the requirement for expensive adaption.

Indoor mobility power chairs such as the Equovema Flexmobil will fit simply onto through-floor lifts, allowing you access to the upper floor of your home without the need for transfers. No part of your home is off limits to you and you will be securelymobile in your house while not having to substantially adapt your home at a cost you are unlikely to regain if selling up in times to come.

Brian Young is the MD of Rainbow Mobility Limited and has been involved in the supply and design of power wheelchairs and rehabilitation products for over thirty years. Brian started working for an engineering firm but moved to Ortho-Kinetics, introducing the travel chair to the United Kingdom market. Rainbow Mobility are based in Ness on the Wirral and distribute mobility power chairs and other mobility products all over the United Kingdom. Their focus is on top of the range products for both adults and children who require that additional bit of help in their daily lives.

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