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What To Eat

HCG diet plan

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When following Dr. Simeons’or our Advanced HCG Body for Life HCG diet plan protocol the HCG diet Protocol, your food choices might appear slightly limited. After all, you will be ingesting around 550 calories to a maximum of 750 calories a day, with exercise which forces your body to release between 1,500 – 2,500 or more calories every day compulsory excess fat stores. The other part of the equation (other than HCG itself) is the types of foods you eat while on the HCG diet plan to provide your body with the required 550 calories. These have been identified as the foods that will return you to your natural weight set point.

The Importance of Food Quality on the HCG diet plan…

Some say that it is critical that the foods you do eat must be pristine and organic. The reason for this argument is partly due to the chemical adulterants, preservatives and pesticides found in many commercially processed foods. Research has been shown that these chemicals are some of the main causes which depleted our body’s natural supply of HCG in the first place. Although the most people will lose weight without eating organically; organic HCG dieting appears to deliver better overall weight loss results than chemically process foods.

Getting Started On the HCG Body for Life HCG diet plan…

In the mornings while on the HCG diet plan, you’ll be limited to unsweetened, organic black coffee or solid tea (one table spoon of milk is allowed however, cream is not an option). You have a couple of options when it comes to tea:

Again, it is critical that the water used has been filtered and purified to remove any contaminants such as chlorine or fluoride, both of that are common in typical city water supplies.

Let’s Do (Lunch and Dinner…

When designing his HCG diet plan program, Dr. Simeons identified pure proteins that aid in restoring balance to the body. These lean meats, beef, bison,veal, should be of the organic free-range type whenever possible, Free-range, organic beef which are accessible at featured item in most whole Foods grocery stores and can be more costly than its conventionally counterpart.

The other protein options for the HCG diet plan are white fish, shrimp, lobster, scallops, lean turkey, chicken breast,  but you need to avoid types of fish that are high in mercury like, deep-sea cold-water fish such as salmon tuna or Icelandic cod and salmon

Of course, you will need your assisting of fruits and vegetables as well. Along with your beef serving, you can select any one of the following while on the HCG diet plan:

Remember not to add any kind of fat (such as butter or oil) other than organic coconut oils. They can be either grilled, boiled, oven baked or steamed.

Fruit choices include…

You must not add sugar to the apples, strawberries or grapefruit however Stevia is a great replacement on the HCG diet plan.

It is also recommended that like your meat, poultry and fish, that your fruit and vegetables be organic as well whenever possible on the HCG diet plan.


Choose from spinach, chard, chicory, beet greens, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, broccoli, zucchini or cabbage for your vegetable servings. Do not mix different types of vegetables in a serving. Some people eat broccoli while on the diet with no ill affects, while others find that this vegetable inhibits their weight loss. Add peppers, mushrooms, green beans, or alfalfa sprouts to the list if you want some updated choices. Some people mix different vegetables in a serving, though the original protocol instructs you not to do so.

Something to Remember while on the HCG diet plan…

It’s undeniably critical to make sure that your diet is amply diverse from one day to the next. For example, if you eat Chilean Sea bass and spinach for lunch; you’ll want to have chicken and cucumbers for dinner, and then maybe, beef and tomatoes for lunch the following day.

Because your body is burning fat at a supernatural rate while on the HCG diet plan, you should not be feeling excessive hunger, notwithstanding the minuscule amounts you are authorized to eat. If you do feel hungry however, feel free to drink more green tea, wu long tea, and water and pick up the pace on your excess exercise.

To your success

Colin F. Watson

HCG diet plan

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