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Who Can Use HCG

Who Can Us HCG for Weight Loss?

Almost anyone who has gone through puberty can go on this program.  The treatment is quite safe.  People with stable diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, women on the birth control pill, women on hormone replacement therapy, men taking hormones, cancer patients, all have been treated successfully with this bio-identical natural hormone.   It is not a stimulant so it will not wear down your adrenal reserves like Hoodia, Wulong, Oolong, Magnolia, Ephedra and other herbal treatments and it is certainly not a drug like amphetamines.  This treatment has also virtually replaced many forms of weight loss surgery in Europe.

People who have a know allergy to HCG should not do this treatment.  People with active gallstones should have them removed before using HCG.  People with active infections should have them treated before they start HCG.   Patient with acute expressions of cancer should have surgery or chemo and radiation before treatment with HCGPatients with active forms of most other chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, food allergies, candidiasis, gout and many other chronic conditions will usually just feel better on the program

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